Another first for us

  For those of you who hadn't already seen on our Facebook page, Roisin had her piglets 4 days ago. I've learned so much in the first 48 hours regarding farrowing piglets, its about done my head it. No matter how much you read and prepare yourself, there really is no replacement for real life...regardless … Continue reading Another first for us


Tassie Tamworths

Our beautiful big Tamworth Sow, Roisin is next on the farm to have her babies and as this is also a first for us, we are pretty excited about the cute little ginger piglets due to arrive any day now. Her favorite thing to do at the moment is to bark (it's talking but sounds … Continue reading Tassie Tamworths

They do say, Good things come to those who wait.

It has finally happened!! Two days ago Miss Maebelle gave birth to a beautiful robust red bull calf. The birth itself was perfect, she needed no intervention from us and she knew exactly what to do. It was literally a textbook calving and we are so pleased, especially after reading about all the things that … Continue reading They do say, Good things come to those who wait.

You just can’t keep a good cow down

Our Jersey Cow Maebelle, who is 4-6 weeks from calving, went down today. As Alan and I headed out to the paddock to check on all the critters...something we do every morning, we saw her, laying on her right side with her feet out straight and shaking. She wasn't breathing well, eyes popping out of … Continue reading You just can’t keep a good cow down